Helpful Info On Submitting Your Site To Boodigo for Best SEO and Rankings

Unlike Google, Boodigo is very open and transparent  about our criteria that is used by our spider to index your site and how to get top listings.  Before you submit your site to be spidered, here are our best practices guide to have in place for optimal listings:

TLP – Title Level Page – the homepage of your site.   (Not the warning page)
CLP – Category Level Page – a page that lists either more category pages (CLPs) or lists PLP level pages
PLP – Product Level Page – a page that lists 1 or more items of specific content to consume.

Best Practices For Successful Spidering and Top Listings:

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Edgy.Buzz Boodigo Coverage

A great new site for sex news and relationship commentary, Edgy.Buzz did a nice piece about Boodigo!

It’s no secret, thanks to Edward Snowden, that the NSA and countless other government agencies are snooping in on everything people do online. However, if you ask most men, you’ll find they are much more concerned with a nosey spouse or girlfriend checking their search history than they are about anyone else looking over their shoulder. Now a brand new search engine called BoodiGo is putting the genie back in the bottle by encrypting all of your search data so that nobody can access it after you are done with your browser session – not even your nosey housewife who wants to see what you’ve been up to while you are away at work.

Read the Full Story and check out their full site HERE


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